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A new season.

A new season has started. Little by little, there comes colour on the fields with flower bulbs. For about 20 weeks the flower bulbs stabbing their noses above the ground. For us the time to irrigate (in dry periods through fixed and mobile irrigation) and to follow the growth but definitely a time to enjoy! Every year a wonderful season!

In April the greenhouse colours pink by the beautiful flowers of various varieties of Pleione. We also closely follow the growth of the planted tissue culture, seeds, parted and incised bulbs. Besides multiplication by tuber and bulbs, these are other methods of multiplication that we use at our nursery.

The last flower bulbs that should be planted in spring has been planted.

Tip for this time of year: Naturalizing bulbs draw their strength for the second flowering and multiplication of the dying foliage. Please do not cut off after flowering.




March 22 - May 13 2018                Keukenhof

Theme 2018: Romance in Flowers

We are not only preferred supplier of Keukenhof but we also participate in the Indoor Show of Miscellaneous Bulbs at the Oranje Nassau Pavilion this year from 19th until 23rd April. 

In 2015 we received for our display at the indoor flower show of Miscellaneous Flower Bulbs at Keukenhof the Professional Award 2015. A special appreciation was expressed; “Our appreciation for your commitment and love for this profession!” 

In 2017 we received the award ‘Best display of Miscellaneous Flower Bulbs 2017‘ for our display at the indoor flower exhibition of Miscellaneous Flower Bulbs at Keukenhof. The Committee of Experts: “We were impressed by the large assortment of miscellaneous flower bulbs of high quality.” Of course we are very proud of this.