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Lilium Fusion® per st./a piece

Lilium Fusion®  per st./a piece

• Brick red colored down looking flowers whose petals curl outwards. The heart of the flower is yellow with dark spots.
• Because of the cross pollination with longiflorum the bulb, plant and flower of this Lily are bigger and stronger than Lilium pardalinum.
• Naturalizes well
• Size: 12/+
• Flowering time: June-July

Lilium Fusion; East meets West …

Lilium longiflorum orginates from the far East while Lilium pardalinum comes from the USA. Until modern breeding techniques were developed, hybrids between such, widely variying species, were impossible. Lilium Fusion is the worlds first Lilium longiflorum x Lilium pardalinum. Long strong stems topped with widely spaced flowers, normaly grows over 1 metre tall.

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