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Muscari Baby's Breath® per st./a piece

Muscari Baby's Breath®  per st./a piece

time of flowering: April
height: 15-20 cm
size of the bulbs: 7/+ (± 2,5 cm)

Originally introduced from Cyprus, by Jenny Robinson (holder of the National Collection of Muscari), who in turn passed it to Washfield Nursery in Kent. This is one of the most beautiful of all Muscari - to quote Washfield "Delightfully scented, palest blue flowers from greenish buds". The blue is sublime, the scent is wonderful and the lime green bud is very distinctive. Easy in the garden, but scarce in its pure form.

We own the Plant breeders’ rights (PBR), also known as Plant variety rights (PVR) for The Netherlands.

Euro 0.25

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1 = Euro 0.25
500 = Euro 0.20
1000 = Euro 0.15

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