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Our harvest season has come to an end …

Except for some summer-flowering bulbs our harvest season has come to an end. All bulbs and tubers purchased by export, trading and mail order companies (both at home and abroad) have been delivered. We now prepare the orders ordered at our webshop. 

It’s time to harvest …

While some varieties of our naturalising bulbs will start to flower in August our harvest time has arrived; both of the bulbs/tubers as the seed.

* bulbs/tubers
The foliage, from which naturalising bulbs draw their strength for the second flowering and multiplication, has been died away completely. This means that the bulbs/tubers no longer will grow and therefore can be harvest.

The naturalising bulbs from our test garden are still being harvest according to traditional methods; by hand. This way the flower bulbs will be damaged as little as possible. Our ancestors did not do differently and this working method has passed on of generation on generation. The other varieties are being harvest mechanically.

The small stocks are being dried by Mother Nature and the bigger by a dry wall. Sustainability is of prime importance in our company and we will do everything to protect people and environment; we use crop protection product, energy and water as little as possible.

After harvesting the bulbs are being processed; stripped of sand and dirt, dried and then sorted to size. The large sizes will be delivered to export companies and consumers and small sizes are the bulbs for our nursery to plant in the Autumn.

The bulbs are now stored under the best conditions (temperature, humidity etc.) so a high quality will be guaranteed before they will be delivered to consumers in October.

* seed
Harvesting seed will be done by:
- collecting the seed pods;
- mechanically scooping up the seed that fell on the ground.




March 23rd - May 21st 2017                Indoor Flower Show of Miscellaneous Bulbs Keukenhof

Theme 2017: Dutch Design

We are not only preferred supplier of Keukenhof but we also participate in the Indoor Show of Miscellaneous Bulbs at the Oranje Nassau Pavilion this year from 20th until 25th April. 

Thursday April 20th we received the award ‘Best display of Miscellaneous Flower Bulbs 2017‘ for our display at the indoor flower exhibition of Miscellaneous Flower Bulbs at Keukenhof. The Committee of Experts: “We were impressed by the large assortment of miscellaneous flower bulbs of high quality.” Of course we are very proud of this.


March 1st - 5th 2018                Lentetuin Breezand (Spring Garden)

Theme 2018: 

An up until now unequaled show of various flowering flower bulbs in the world’s largest contiguous flower bulb area that you really should not miss. Passionate and innovative bulb growers from the Northern sandy area (North of Holland) proudly present their products and additionally they give a sneak preview regarding varieties that will be put on the market in the near future.

We are proud to win 4 awards at the Lentetuin 2016:
* Category 1 up to 55 varieties: 2nd award with praise from the jury: 9,25 points
* Best Narcissus (small flowering): 1st award with Narcissus ‘Heart to Heart’ (see photo)
* Best Miscellaneous Bulb (small): 1st award with Pleione Snow White (see photo)
* Best display miscellaneous bulbs 2016