About us

bulbs & bollen is part of nursery Kwekerij De Schüllhorn.

Nursery De Schüllhorn is a family business which specializes, with great passion and knowledge of now 3 generations 'De Goede', in the sustainable cultivation of perennial flower bulbs (also called miscellaneous bulbs and naturalising bulbs). It distinguishes itself from other firms by bring to market unique exciting varieties. 

Our perennial flower bulbs are supplied to export, trade and mail order companies (both at home and abroad).

A worldwide network, which was built from 1983, provides a constant supply of new special perennial flower bulbs. The variation in perennial flower bulbs that the traveling has brought is enormous. Selecting from all those bulbs means looking at very many properties: growth, multiplication, flowering period, disease susceptibility, but also; is it suitable for the garden. Of the dozens of innovations that we get, we only keep a few that are good enough. Every release must possess the property: ¨It must add something to the existing assortment.

Sustainability plays a large role in our company and we do everything to protect people and environment; as little as possible use of crop protection products, energy and water. But also, for example, the shipping boxes are made of 100% recycled material. And currently we are doing tests with various biodegradable pots.

The nursery is located in Anna Paulowna (North Holland), located in world's largest contiguous area of flower bulbs and owns its name from the farm house in which the company as wel as our living are accommodated. The G in the background stands for our family name: De Goede.

Since we only want to deliver perennial flower bulbs of excellent quality we sent them in the month of planting. So we are sure that the bulbs have been preserved under the best conditions.

Kwekerij De Schüllhorn