Perennial flower bulbs
       From our own nursery
       Good knowledge of product
       Excellent quality
       Cultivated sustainably

Perennial flower bulbs (also called miscellaneous bulbs and naturalising bulbs) remain undisturbed after flowering and will come back again every year, but their added benefit is that, by some varieties, their numbers will continue to increase as long as they have been planted under ideal conditions (light and air). A garden will only be complete with perennial flower bulbs. 

Our nursery has an extensive assortment of sustainably cultivated perennial flower bulbs and introduces unique new varieties into the market.

As we only want to deliver perennial bulbs of excellent quality we send them in the month of planting:
       * Pleione in December/January;
       * Lilium in March;
       * Other bulbs in September/October.
So we can be sure that the bulbs have been preserved under the best conditions. Our advice is to plant the bulbs as soon as possible.

Gift certificates are available year-round; please use the order form. 


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